Monica Truax: Academically Minded

Monica Truax has always been a determined individual, a person who has consistently maintained her focus on her goals and someone who is always working diligently towards their completion. Currently a scholar at Willamette University, Monica Truax has proven herself to be a constantly driven, determined and motivated academic. She has always striven to push herself to higher levels of achievement, and has yet to meet a challenge that she couldn’t overcome.

Monica Truax is well-known as a dedicated academic, and has pushed for greatness ever since her days at Corvallis High School. As a member of the Corvallis High School Student Council, Monica Truax immersed herself in the institutional decision-making process, and provided valuable input and insight into the daily function and operation of her school. She obtained a leadership position early on in her high school career, and was elected to the Presidency of her Freshman Class. Monica Truax also committed herself to her studies, and achieved membership in the National Honors Society during her tenure.

Monica Truax transitioned her early academic successes into an accomplished college career at Oregon State University, earning two Bachelor degrees during her short OSU tenure. She was also accepted into the National Honor’s Society in college, and enjoyed the benefits of membership in the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity.

Monica Truax’s new goal is a Master of Business Administration degree, an accomplished that is well within her reach. She continues to carry on a tradition of academic excellence at Willamette, and promises to have a bright professional future ahead of her.


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