Monica Truax: The Benefits of a Willamette Education

Monica Truax is currently a student at Willamette University, and is well on her way to obtaining her Master’s of Business Administration degree. She appreciates the attention and the curriculum that the Willamette faculty provide, and is looking forward to applying her Willamette education to the establishment of a long and successful career.

Monica Truax, formerly an Honor’s Student at Oregon State University, touts several benefits of a Willamette education; one she hopes to provide her with the groundwork for decades of professional success.

As stated earlier, Willamette University provides students with an attentive and hands-on education. By providing lessons in a smaller and more personalized environment, says Monica Truax, Willamette professors are able to establish strong and more effective teacher-to-student relationships, bonds conducive to better retention and more effective lesson plans.

Monica Truax also appreciates the collaborative research environment that Willamette University continues to offer incoming students. Willamette, says Monica Truax, cares about providing students with the opportunity to work closely with both professors and with other students, and to participate in research programs that require the collaboration and input of the group, rather than just the individual.

Willamette, says Monica Truax, is strongly invested in the pursuit of academic excellence, and makes an effort to share its passion for higher learning with its students. Willamette, she says, aims to foster a diverse and intellectually-stimulating academic environment, one conducive to long-term student success. Monica Truax believes that this high-quality institution is helping to prepare her for a meaningful life, not only in terms of professional achievement, but also in terms of civic responsibility and contribution.


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