Monica Truax Offers Several Tips to Maintain a Happy Family Life

Monica Truax works hard to maintain a happy home life. Through communication, enthusiasm and a well-maintained balance between her personal and professional life, Monica Truax strives to create a home environment that is conducive to both warmth and comfort.

By following several key principles, Monica Truax believes that any parent has the opportunity to provide the foundation for a strong and secure family relationship.

Eating Dinner Together. Monica Truax believes that family meals are a great way to strengthen family bonds and promote open and honest communication between family members. Family mealtime, she believes, can be a strong source of positive influence on the healthy emotional development of children, and efforts should be made to schedule regular family meals, at least 3 to 4 times a week.

Sharing Your Family’s Legacy. By providing your children with your family’s background and history, says Monica Truax, you have the opportunity to not only improve your children’s understanding of their past, but can also help to improve their self-esteem and confidence. Creating a family narrative, says Monica Truax, can help to provides your children with stronger perception and connection with their roots, and give them a good foundation for future success.

Take Stress Out of the Equation. Kids pick up on their parents’ emotions pretty well, says Monica Truax, making it important to not bury your stress, but to find ways to channel and reduce it outside of the home environment. Reducing your own personal stress, or at least the appearance of stress, can help to reduce the likelihood that your children will build off of those emotions.


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