Monica Truax: Motivated, Driven and Determined

There is no question as to the level of Monica Truax’s determination. As a successful 26-year-old academic, Monica has proven, time and again, that she is motivated and driven to succeed in every aspect of her life. A successful academic career for Monica Truax should be just the first step in what could possibly be a long and prosperous business career.

Monica Truax has been a success in both high school and in college, quickly rising to the top of each institution’s student body. As a member of the National Honor’s Society at Corvallis High School and at Oregon State University, she continually demonstrated the drive necessary to be a consistent academic overachiever. Monica Truax has excelled as both an athlete and a scholar, and has held multiple leadership positions in the academic community.

Though her professional career is not yet extensive, Monica Truax has excelled in the professional positions that she has held. She was highly-qualified and skilled member of Target Distribution, serving as the company’s Executive Operational Group Leader from 2011 to 2013. Monica Truax performed the duties of this position with distinction as she simultaneously maintained her dedication to high academic pursuits. She had also previously been an Advising and Recruiting Assistant for Oregon State University, providing assistance and organization to multiple university advisors who helped to guide her fellow students to academic success.

Monica Truax is now a Master of Business Administration Candidate at Willamette University. As the recipient of the Atkinson MBA Merit Scholarship, Monica is well on her way to completing her educational career; one that should prove as a powerful foundation for an enduring career in business.


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